Creative Projects Management

Creative Projects Management manages the process and the creators who create the assets of your messaging and branding efforts. 

Creative projects typically don’t follow traditional project management methods and execution. Most importantly, creative people need time and space for inspiration. A creative projects manager knows when to stop the “inspiration” and pick a work product (comp) to move a project along. Some creative projects are often ongoing with no specific end in time, like creating content for a website with blogs and/or video. You need a creative manager to ensure messaging is consistent over time. 

Keeping creatives on task and within scope is the most challenging aspect of creative projects, similar to herding cats. Our focus is to bring order to the creative process (sometimes with Design Thinking), minding the scope of work, communicating with stakeholders, and herding those “creative cats”.

Project Types

Corporate Identity

Product/Service Branding

WEb Design / Development


Print / Digital Advertising Design

Video / Motion Graphics


Website Content, Press Releases, Advertising