It’s a bold statement, but we stand behind the fact that the majority, if not all, of the significant marketing and automation technology tools, are in the cloud known as Software-as-a-Service or Technology-as-a-Service. We can confidently say this with our years of experience using them ourselves and helping clients use cloud services. 

Most companies understand cloud services concepts and are ready to use them. However, the growing acceptance of the public cloud and increased multi-cloud usage drive the need for consistent cross-platform management. In addition, the rapid adoption of cloud services introduces a new set of management challenges for those non-technical professionals responsible for managing cloud systems and services.

Over the years, clients have taken our advice using various cloud-based marketing tools and services. Yet, they did not have the technical know-how of the nuances of the online software. So they turned to us for help. It becomes even more complex when balancing the competing administration requirements of efficient consistency across different cloud providers with different functionality within individual cloud platforms. 

The requirement to use cloud software services like Salesfouce.com, Mailchimp, and GSuite, or cloud technology services like AWS and Google Cloud is different from each service and is often complex. Below are the general areas of concern with administering cloud services. 

  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Automation
  • Security and compliance
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Cost management and optimization
  • Migration, backup, and data recovery


In 2019, we spun off our cloud management services into its own brand called main’ence (https://mainence.io).